AGENT++ Release 4.2.0

AGENT++ has been released 2020-02-17T23:00:00Z with the following important fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed: Synchronized::lock compiler warning on systems where time_t != int.
  • Fixed [APP-57] (SECURITY): UsmUserTable::row_init adds row to USM regardless
    of its RowStatus which could lead to active USM entries of notInService
    rows after agent restart.
  • Fixed [APP-56]: AGENT++ agent examples create non-localized USM users
    creating unnecessarily security drawbacks.
  • Fixed [APP-58]: UsmUserTable deactivating (usmUserStatus:=2) row and
    reactivating it (usmUserStatus:=1) fails with inconsistentValue(12) error.
  • Fixed [APP-59]: AGENT++ allows to delete rows with StorageType permanent(4)
    and to delete/modify rows with StorageType readonly(5), unless the
    specific MibTable instrumentation prevents that. Now the StorageTable will
    centrally protect permantent and readonly rows against deletion and changes
    respectively. Permanent rows could not be changed, which is now possible as
    CAUTION: Current implementations have to check if changing permanent rows
    will not harm existing instrumentation. Otherwise, custom instrumentation or
    changing the row’s StorageType to readonly has to be implemented.


  • SNMP++ 3.3.12a