DHKickstartParametersImpl resetRequested is never set

Hi Frank,

It seems like the resetRequested is never actually set in the DHKickstartParametersImpl, currently no way to change it, it’ll always be set to false.

public DHKickstartParametersImpl(OctetString securityName, OctetString publicKey,
                                 OID authenticationProtocol, OID privacyProtocol, String vacmRole,
                                 boolean resetRequested) {
    this.securityName = securityName;
    this.publicKey = publicKey;
    this.authenticationProtocol = authenticationProtocol;
    this.privacyProtocol = privacyProtocol;
    this.vacmRole = vacmRole;

That is a bug and will be fixed in the next release.

The readFromProperties method which creates a set of DHKickstartParametersImpl initialises the attribute resetRequested correctly though.