How to write an IP address data entry to the IP address table


I’m attempting to write an IP address data object to the managed table with root OID I can write the IP address to, but from looking at SNMP managers, the OID hierarchy includes the IP address itself. In other words, if I want to write IP address “”, I would want to write to OID I don’t understand how to append the IP address to the root OID so the data is written correctly, or how to setup the table column/row structure if that is required. Right now, if I attempt to append the IP address to the root OID and then walk the OID hierarchy, the table entry doesn’t exist.

Does anyone have an example of how to do this? Basically I need to write the IP address entry so that when walking the OID hierarchy, the output from the SNMP manager would look like this (sample log output from walk of SNMP manager:

Walking OID . from for version v2c with community=public pdu.timeout=5s walk.timeout=5s
C:\Program Files\LogicMonitor\Agent\diagnosetool\snmpbulkwalk.exe -v 2c -c ****** -r 0 -t 5 .
. = IpAddress: