snmp4j-3.6.4.jar - zip doc version; usage typo

  1. ships with snmp4j_usage.txt is version 3.1.0:

    SNMP4J SnmpCommand, version 3.1.0 - Copyright © 2004-2019, Frank Fock

  2. Typo in address format - “upd” vs “udp”

  3. Is the description for OID complete?

    dist$ java -jar snmp4j-3.6.4.jar help
    SNMP4J SnmpCommand, version 3.6.4 - Copyright © 2004-2019, Frank Fock
    Type 'java -jar snmp4j.jar help ’ for help on a specific command.
    Type 'java -jar snmp4j.jar example ’ for examples on a specific command.
    Type ‘java -jar snmp4j.jar version’ to see the program version.

    Most commands take agent address and OID list arguments. A list of the
    available options for each command is listed after the command description.
    The description of all options follows the command list.

    Standard parameter formats are:

    : An object identifier is either a dotted notation like ‘’.

    : [upd:|tcp:|tls:|dtls:][/] Host is either an IP address or hostname and port is the SNMP port of the target SNMP entity.