AgenPro 5.0.0 Release

I am pleased to announce that AgenPro 5.0 has been released 2021-01-03T23:00:00Z. Besides many improvement in detail the following major enhancement are available:

  • Live-preview of the code generation job with a diff view per generated file that shows in a dry-run how a (re-)generation of the code will look like.
  • Code formatting integrated into code generation: for Java built-in, for C++ via external clang-format.
  • Map user code IDs to ease refactoring when, for example, an OBJECT-TYPE has been renamed to reassign the existing user code to the new object generated.
  • cmake support for AGENT++ 4.5 code generation.
  • New flat light and dark look&feels
  • and many usability improvements…


  • Java 11 or later, with Java 8-10 not all features available.

Release Notes

  • New [AGEN-80]: Built-in generated code formatting for Java and option to configure custom code formatters that format from stdin to stdout (like clang-format for C++).
  • New [AGEN-54]: When importing a MIB, ask user to add it to the current code generation project.
  • New [AGEN-58]: Auto-completion of property keys in Properties panel.
  • New [AGEN-59]: Undo&Redo for properties editor pane.
  • New [AGEN-72]: AgenPro online software updates.
  • New [AGEN-73]: Support object filtering by arbitrary regular expressions on MIB OBJECT fields
  • New [AGEN-43]: Code generation preview with (object name change) migration support for preserving existing code. Preview displays count of used and missing code snippets as well as file changes.
  • New: Added Flat Look&Feel with support for Light and Dark mode.
  • New: Added -i option on command line to support positively defining MIB modules to generate (including regex support if @ prepended to the regex module name pattern).
  • New: Added -lenient option to compile MIBs with lenient error checking to avoid bailing out on incorrect MIB modules. However, code generation might fail/generate incorrect results if MIB modules generated or imported contain syntax errors.
  • New: Added -t option to set template root dir on the command line.
  • New: Added agenStringUtils.trim function to trim leading and trailing whitespaces in a special way to keep line formatting in first row by keeping leading whitespaces in the first row.
  • Fixed [AGEN-51]: SMI parser does not report not-accessible objects in the OBJECTS clause of notifications/traps as error.
  • Fixed [AGEN-52]: AgenPro MIB compiler does not check if an object is accessible in NOTIFICATION-TYPE’s OBJECTS clause.
  • Fixed [AGEN-55]: Index definitions for table with AUGMENTS clause referring to MIB modules outside generation scope are generated as empty array.
  • Fixed [AGEN-56]: Value initialisation code is not generated for scalar objects with DEFVAL clause (SNMP4J-Agent).
  • Fixed [AGEN-77]: Table scrolling to min/max with mouse wheel did not work precisely on high resolution mouse wheels.
  • Fixed: Command line option -e did not generate valid paths if project file used \ andthe OS uses / as path separation character.
  • Fixed: agent++4_x MibGroup OID generation for SMIv2 modules which now use the module OID instead the computed root oid.
  • Improved [AGEN-49]: Installer should check file checksums and ignore same files.
  • Improved: Output directory can be left empty now to directly generate to the project root directory.
  • Changed: Log panel with better performance and easier log copy access.
  • Updated: Simulation agent now uses SNMP4J 3.4.4 and SNMP4J-Agent 3.3.6. to add Diffie Hellman and TLSv1.3 and DTLS support and many other fixes.