AgenPro 5.2 - java project generation issue

Hi, I’m generating a java agent for a MIB with AgenPro 5.2,
my question are about how to configure the project to make an agent using a couple of mib modules.

this is the template folder I use:
This is how my project is currently configured:

Is my configuration Ok? Because the application hangs (for several tens of minutes) and I have to forcefully kill java to start again.

My MIB is small and I really don’t think it needs all that time.

Also what do colors represent in the MIB Modules view (also what are the other colors representing)


The generation runs very quick. Normally only a few seconds even for 10 mid-size MIB modules.
You can send me the project file to to check it, but most likely it might be a MIB issue. Have you compiled to with full syntax check enabled? The is required because otherwise some undefined values might break the generation. But even that should not freeze the UI.

Have you tried deactivate the Preview functionality?
What are the logs showing in the Log tab? Do you see some errors there?

Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for quick reply.
The MIB compiles fine (also tested with other online checker),
the log tab appears empty (the one in the compiler log window)

The project compiles but there are some naming issues:the MIBS containing dashes “-” in their names have broken file and classnames also after fixing all the names some variables appear not to be declared.

There is a Log tab on the main screen. There you will find details on the code generation process when enabling the DEBUG level.
Have you compiled the MIB with strict syntax check?
Have you selected the Templates from Job Template combo box? Then naming generation etc. should be fine.
But without having the log output it is very difficult to guess what is going wrong here.

(1) I compiled the MIB with the default settings and got no errors (I don’t know if its the maximum level)
(2) No, I set all up as relative path (I’m trying that now) as in the picture above, It looks promising, the generation time is really quicker, the uin this case, is partial (see attached)
(3) The log tab is empty, is there a particular way to enable the logs?

This is the as produced by agenpro

ve org.snmp4j;
    requires transitive org.snmp4j.agent;
// Not yet available as module because Xodus is not supporting modules:
//  requires transitive org.snmp4j.agent.db;
requires transiti

The default job configuration should look like:

For the file generation problem a required configuration setting is missing to properly generate that file. It is the package property that needs to be added in step 2 of the project wizard:

With that property set, the output looks like the right side instead left before:

The step 2 of the wizard has a display/UX problem when the table is empty with some Look&Feels at least. New rows are display with very low height. Please

  1. add a new row
  2. then select it
  3. Press the edit button and enter name and value of the property.

After changing pressing “Prev” and “Next” the correct row height should be displayed. I will correct this bug very soon with version 5.2.1.

Thank you Frank!
It fixed the code generation