AgenPro Release 5.1.0

AgenPro 5.1.0 has been released 2023-03-22T23:00:00Z which updates a lot of internal libraries, including SNMP4J 3.7.7 and SNMP4J-Agent 3.6.6, code formatters, and the preview diff. In addition, a view bugs have been fixed regarding the code generation preview introduced in version 5.0.
The new feature Job Templates makes it easier for users to start their own custom project definition and to update existing definitions with new templates provided by AGENTPP.
The code generation templates for SNMP4J-Agent 3.x now support generation of files too.

Know Issues:

  • The MacOS in-place update mechanism shows the license agreement dialog of the new AgenPro version, but then closes the spawned installer when shutting down itself. This is a regression, that occurred with the latest OpenJDK installer code. We are investigating this and provide a fix a soon as possible. Meanwhile please update by installing the new version using the DMG package download link from Download


[2023-03-22] AgenPro 5.1.0

  • Added: Project wizard now supports loading of jobs from predefined job template files located within the templates root directory with “.jobs” suffix.
    The standard .jobs files contains definitions for the template jobs (page 1 of the wizard) and properties (page 2). In addition, they could contain any config setting, except module specific settings (page 4 and 5 of the wizard).
    If the jobs settings contain properties defined on OIDs, i.e. configurations of the templates controlling the code generation itself (which methods are generated for which objects), these properties will be merged into properties already defined for the current project.
  • Added: AgenUtils.prefixLines for better formatting JavaDoc lines.
  • Improved: Updated Google Java Formatter to 1.15.0 and fixed JDK export of jdk.compiler/
  • Improved: Added Search function to Log panel.
  • Updated: Simulation agent now uses SNMP4J 3.7.7 and SNMP4J-Agent 3.6.6.
  • Fixed [AGEN-78]: Simulation agent does not take “skip” and “filterOut” into account when registering objects.
  • Fixed: [AGEN-83]: Possible concurrent modification exception when clicking on generated files.
  • Updated: OpenJDK included in installer to version 20.
  • Improved: Removed empty line generation from properties template.
  • Improved: Defining “volatile” to “false” or “no” now sets the objects volatile attribute to false.