AgenPro Release 5.1.1

AgenPro 5.1.0 has been released 2023-03-22T23:00:00Z which fixes a fatal error with newer Java Runtimes when code formatters were configured in jobs templates. The MacOS upgrade process has been fixed too.


  • Fixed: Built-in code formatters caused runtime exception which blocked code generation on newer JDKs because of missing javac exports.
  • Fixed: Upgraded dependency jackson-databind to fix potential vulnerability to CVE-2022-42003.
    NOTE: The affected code of the jackson-databind is not (directly) used in AgenPro.
  • Fixed: MacOS and other updater processes were closed immediately after spawned by the update wizard because IO (stdout and stderr) was coupled with parent process which is exited to allow update by updater.
  • Improved: AgenPro now prefers newer modules according to the LAST-UPDATED clause of the MODULE-INFO statement if for the same MIB module name there are several MIB files in the compilation list/path. “Compile New MIBs…” now prefers SMIv2 modules as newer over SMIv1 modules (without LAST-UPDATED clause) and SMIv1 modules will be overwritten by newly compiled MIB modules.
  • Updated: Google code formatter to 1.17.0.
  • Updated: OpenJDK included in installer to version 20.0.2.