AGENT++ 4.5.0 Release

AGENT++ v4.5.0 has been released 2021-01-12T23:00:00Z.
This new release - although API compatible with its predecessors 4.2.x - provides support for CMake. Autoconf support will be continued although the classic Makefile provided as starting template for custom build systems will be removed completely with the next major release.


  • SNMP++ 3.4.5

Release Notes

  • New: Added cmake support. Support for autoconf will be continued together
    with cmake. Any other build methods are now deprecated and no longer supported. The corresponding Makefile.<platform> are still included but will be removed with AGENT++ 5.0.
  • Fixed: After calling configure with option --with-examples, build failed because of missing makefiles multi_agent example directories.
  • Fixed add_v1_trap_destination code to work like v2c code.