AGENT++ Release 4.3.0

AGENT++ has been released 2020-04-16T22:00:00Z with the following important fixes and enhancements.
Most important is APP-63 which now allows to run several agents on their own UDP ports in a single process. This new feature is shown by the example “multi-agent”. To use it, follow the migration instructions at:

  • Improved [APP-63]: Support multiple agents per process, i.e. removed static ::instance usage were possible and provided alternative based on individual Mib reference.)
  • Added [APP-63]: multi-agent example providing several agents using different ports in the same process.
  • Changed [APP-63]: agentpp_config_mib, NotificationOriginator, RequestList, V3SnmpEngine,
    snmpGroup now provides counters per Mib individually.
  • Fixed: Doc for ThreadPool::terminate (which does not block, other than it was described before).
  • Added: ThreadPool::join() to wait for ThreadPool's threads to finish. Added ThreadPool::set_one_time_execution flag to let threads end automatically when they have executed the current/next task.
  • Fixed: ThreadPool destructor did not wait for threads of the pool to finish.


  • SNMP++ 3.4.0