AGENT++ Release 4.3.1

AGENT++ 4.3.1 has been released 2020-06-10T22:00:00Z to improve backward compatibility to code used with 4.2.0 and earlier.
When upgrading please check
The most important new code line is


which is necessary if you create v3MP after creating the Snmpx instance. Otherwise, a null/uninitialised pointer will be used for v3MP inside Snmpx. To avoid this and to be more flexible regarding several Snmpx and v3MP instances in use, the above method should be used in any case to link the v3MP with the Snmp(x) instance used.

  • Fixed [APP-65]: Restored backward compatibility for APP-63 changes. Added missing initialization of Mib member in (deprecated) RequestList() constructor. Changed several examples to use RequestList(Mib*) constructor instead.
  • Fixed: Added missing mib initialization in (deprecated) NotificationOrigination default constructor.


  • SNMP++ 3.4.1