AgentConfigManager on different ports

Hello Frank,

Is it possible to run AgentConfigManager with different ports on same machine and with different user sets. I a using V3. Currently when I try that, Only the last USM object that is created remains.

agent = new AgentConfigManager(LOCAL_ENGINE_ID,
                ThreadPool.create("NodeAgent", 3),
                new DefaultMOPersistenceProvider(moServers, ""),
                engineBootsCounterFile, null);

The USM objects of different AgentConfigManager objects are replaced because of this code

usm = createUSM();
if (usm != null) {

Can you please help here? Is it a good idea to override createUSM method?

Sure, the AgentConfigManager.createUSM (and all other create* methods) are meant to be overwritten if needed. In your case, it would be required to overwrite it.

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