Async Notifications


I’m trying to send the notification from the Snmp4jDemoMib asynchronously. Javadoc from AgentConfigManager.getNotificationOriginator() tells me to use AgentConfigManager.getAgentNotificationOriginator() for this. But this method returns the same (synchronous) NotificationOriginator. Shouldn’t AgentConfigManager.getAgentNotificationOriginator() return agent instead of agent.getNotificationOriginator()?

sending a notification is always asynchronous. Thus, do not really understand the question.
Can you add more details on what you are trying to accomplish?
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Hi Frank,

Sorry for the missing details. I mean sending an inform and waiting for the replay. This waits blocking on the current thread if you use the NotificationOriginator returned by AgentConfigManager.getNotificationOriginator().

Javadoc from AgentConfigManager.getNotificationOriginator(): To get the (multi-threaded) NotificationOriginator of the agent, use getAgentNotificationOriginator instead.

But this returns the same NotificationOriginator. If AgentConfigManager.getAgentNotificationOriginator() returned agent, the notification would be dispatched to the thread pool and therefore wouldn’t block the current thread. I think this is what javadoc wants to tell me.


Hi Roman,

Yes, you are right. AgentConfigManager.getAgentNotificationOriginator() will return agent (which is implementing NotificationOriginator interface too) starting from the next release. That is what was meant by the JavaDoc.

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