Change device's EngineID cause SNMP++ timeouts


We are using SNMP++ v3.3.10.
Issue is reproduced in following use case:

  1. say initially device is configured to have EngineID = EngineID_1
  2. run our monitoring app (it sends snmp request to the device each 5 min)
  3. the app sends snmp v3 get request and gets valid response
  4. then device is changed to have EngineID = EngineID_2
  5. after 5 min the app sends same snmp v3 request and gets timeout

It seems to me that SNMP++ does not refresh engine id in internal caches.

Is SNMP++ able to detect and handle changing of engine id in runtime?
How to enable such behavior in SNMP++?


it is not a normal behaviour of a device to change it’s engine id, therefore this case has to be handled by the application. If you get a timeout, you can use the v3MP::remove_from_engine_id_table() functions to remove the currently cached value and then the new engine id can be discovered and added again.

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