Check for lexicographic ordering of the response varbinds using snmp4j


I am trying to send a GETBULK request to an agent with multiple OIDs in the request PDU. I can receive the response, but I wanted to check if there are any utility methods that can check whether the varbinds in the reaction are in lexicographic order to the request OIDs. I came across something like TableUtils and TreeUtils which check for lexicographic ordering, but I have no information on these Classes’ use cases. Request you can shed some light on these as well.

Below is the snippet of the code I use:

PDU pdu = new PDU();
for (String oid : message.getVarbinds()) {
				pdu.add(new VariableBinding(new OID(oid)));
pdu.setRequestID(new Integer32(1));
ResponseEvent<Address> response = snmp.send(pdu, target);