Creating a custom device with SNMP feature

I am very much new to SNMP. I have customised device developed in house. I has ethernet communication. I want to implement SNMP on this new device so that it may be managed on network. What should i do to implement snmp on it. Request a roadmap for its implementation.

  1. Get enterprise ID from IANA (if not assigned yet to your company)
  2. Design a MIB specification for the use cases of the device (for example using MIB Designer tool)
  3. Generate a test agent from the MIB using AgenPro.
  4. Validate the use cases against the test agent using a SNMP manager/command generator - either command line or using a UI (for example MIB Explorer).
  5. Generate the real agent from the revised MIB specification.
  6. Implement instrumentation code in the production agent with the use case’s functionality.
  7. Iterate again, if necessary.