Facing issue with snmpTraps console application

while sending snmp v3 traps from snmpTraps to receive_traps(both console application) after certain time it is rejected with -1403. Noticed snmpTraps always send engine time as zero.Please advice.

Did you verify that both SNMP entities are using unique engine IDs?

Yes, Both entities i’m using the engine id as sendTraps.

Using below function i have initialized.
v3_MP = new v3MP(“sendTraps”, 0, construct_status);

I probably do not fully understand your answer, but it seems to me that the engine IDs you are using are NOT unique. Please verify that!

Just an addition to the zero engine time: If you are using a security level with authentication (authNoPriv or authPriv), then snmp++ will fill the engine boots and engine time values. Without authentication the receiver shall ignore the engine boots and engine time values and so snmp++ sets them to zero.

Thanks for your response. Issue solved after maintaining the unique id