Generating seperate class file per table entry

Hi, how to generate separate class file per each table row type of object.
for ex: if my MIB is as shown below
.private.enterprize.products.myOrg.myProd.Mytable (which is sequence of MyTableEntry)
with thisif generate class file with AgenPro, i wil get a single java class file in which MyTableEntry will be a subclass. instead i want to generate and so that i can have more modular class files for better readability and for better customization. can we get this done through AgenPro, if so how?

You can open the sample project named snmp4j-agent3_x_by_selection.prj and replace in the job configuration the string “select_1module1file.vm” by “select_1object1file.vm”.

Hope this helps.