GetBulkRequest response


As I see from the implementation using agent++ when I send a GetBulkRequest the respost is a “list” of OID + Value.

The request to have a single OctetString that is the join of all the values is a standard?
If so, how to configure the library to use that standard?

If not, I wonder how to implement that request…



Hi Luca,

A standard SNMP operation to concatenate managed object OCTET STRING values does not exist.
You can, however, iterate on the returned variable bindings (Vbx), get the value and add it to an OctetStr value.

(Hopefully I understood your question right? It seems that you mix up several concepts in a single question. Maybe you could better describe what you are trying to accomplish and why?)

Best regards,

Thanks Frank,

With my post I was looking for 2 answers:

  1. the confirmation that in SNMP Protocol the GetBulkRequest is responded with a list of Variabiable bindings
  2. Suggestion in the implementation of the “out of standard” request of a single response with an OctetString containing all the values requeste in the GetBulk.


Hi Luca.

  1. Yes, for a GetBulk, the response of the agent will contain a list of variable bindings.
  2. I strongly suggest that such a requirement is done at the manager side and not within the agent. The manager code can then iterate over the received variable bindings and pass them in the required format to the application layer.

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Hi Luca,
Concatenation of all response variable bindings in a single OctetString does not make sense as a general solution.

Main reason for that is: you cannot limit the number of VBs by an OID upper bound and you loose the OID instance information.

But of course you are free to implement such a function in your application code.

Best regards