How to delete Snmp V1 or V2 user from VACM gracefully?

Hello Frank,

I want to delete the SnmpV1 & SnmpV2C user from VACM. I am using Vacm::deleteGroup() API but even after removing the group, The entry is still available in VacmSecurityToGroupTable.
Could you please give an example?


for the atm_mib example agent the required call for SNMPv2 is
vacm->deleteGroup(SNMP_SECURITY_MODEL_V2, "public");


Ok, Can we have the same community string/security name mapped to two different groups in the same process ( SnmpV2C version ) ?
My requirement is to add same security name to two different groups and in each group I will add views with different access entry for different subtree.

As the MIB specifies:

vacmSecurityToGroupEntry OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX  VacmSecurityToGroupEntry
    MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
    STATUS  current
            "An entry in this table maps the combination of a
            securityModel and securityName into a groupName.

    INDEX {
            vacmSecurityName }
::= { vacmSecurityToGroupTable 1 }