How to download SNMP++ 2.8 version archive

Could you help me by providing link to download archive of SNMP++ 2.8. ?

Why would you want to use that version?
It has several security issues, it should not be used anymore.

We are using the snmp++ 2.8 in our application.
Currently, in process of upgrading it to snmp++ 3.2.
There are some changes done in snmp++ library 2.8 w.r.t our applications very long back.
But we do not have data for the change history.
Therefore, if I get a 2.8 archive, I will be able to find the difference.
This will help me determine the changes and check if it is needed.


as the internet does not forget anything, you can download the snmp++ version of HP from

At the moment is also working.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: