How to implement 'snmpInPkts'

Hi Frank,

Regarding to ‘snmpInPkts’ in SNMPv2-MIB ‘snmp’ group, I didn’t find the implementation in snmp4j-agent.
While ‘snmpInBadCommunityNames’ and others are implemented with ‘fireIncrementCounter’.

Would you please help to indicate, how could I implement the ‘snmpInPkts’?
Now its value is always 0.

Also, we want to set ‘snmpEnableAuthenTraps’ to ‘2’. How could I achieve this?

Thanks a lot.

For the first (get snmpInPkts counter events reflected in the SNMPv2-MIB), you can call


To change the snmpEnableAuthenTraps.0 instance to 2, simply execute a SNMP SET operation for and set to to Integer32=2.

Thanks Frank.
The counterListener has been added to agent in ‘AgentConfigManager’.

  protected void linkCounterListener() {

But no ‘fireIncrementCounter’ is executed for ‘snmpInPkts’, so its value is always 0.

Please read my code carefully, agent != dispatcher!

Great, it works.
Thanks Frank.