How to request an evaluation license

Hi Frank,
As title, how could I request an evaluation license for AgenPro?

I tried to request on, but it has no response after I clicked ‘Continue…’ button.

Then I wrote email to ‘’ but got no response.

Appreciate if you could help on this.

Hi Stezhou,

The evaluation buttons on work, I just tested it. What browser are you using? Maybe there was just a networking issue?

The evaluation request email has been received but not processed yet.

Best regards,

Thanks Frank.
My browser is Chrome, version 78.0.3904.97.
Just tried again and it works now.

Hi Frank,
What’s the difference between below 2 items?
Could Site License shared by several users? Any limitation to the number of users?

  • AgenPro 4.x User License ¥2,961.29
  • AgenPro 4.x Site License ¥17,062.69

An AGENTPP site license covers all users working at the licensed site and all telecommuters reporting to managers working a that licensed site (site = business location with a unique postal address).

This particularly applies to AgenPro, MIB Explorer Pro, and MIB Designer.

For SNMP4J-AgentX, SNMP4J-SMI-PRO, AgentX++ the statement above is true too, but the license differs a bit from the tool licenses because the latter are development licenses. The distribution of the APIs in binary form and bundled with a value-adding application is not bound to the users nor a specific site with those licenses.
The developers, build managers, i.e. anyone using the API code (binary or source), however, is only allowed to use those APIs if he/she is working at the licensed site (=location) or - as a telecommuter reports to managers at the licensed site.