Is it possible to contribute to SNMP4J?

Recently, we have modified the sources so that snmp4j could perform walk requests for sparse snmp tables.
The problem was that when snmp4j encountered at least one oid that was outside of a table, it stopped. We changed it so that snmp4j keeps
processing a table until all OIDs are outside of that table. I would like to know, if it is possible to contribute our change to the project?
We are using snmp4j version 2.8.6 and java 8.

SNMP4Js TableUtils is already capable of providing sparse tables and provides all rows of a table. So I do not know what your “fix” really fixed?

Anyway, you are welcome to post your changes here.

Here is what changed:

As I said, snmp4j used to stop processing table if it encountered oid that was outside of the table. We changed it so that it counts the number of oids that are outside of the table and stops only after all oids are outside of the table (unrecognizedOids == respPDU.size()).
I should emphasize that we are using snmp4j version 2.8.6, and I’m not sure if something like this is already implemented in newer versions of snmp4j. But it would be great if snmp4j for java 8 would also support it.

The quoted code is not from SNMP4J 2.8.6! If at all, it has been already modified and thus the fix is useless, sorry.

The class you quoted is named “TreeUtils”. If it is related to from SNMP4J, then it cannot be used to retrieve tables in an meaningful “row” based way.
Instead, please use TableUtils supports already sparse tables in an intuitive manner.

Thank you for your response. It seems like we missed that class. We will definitely try one.