MIB Designer 5.1.0

MIB Designer 5.1.0 has been released 2023-07-25T22:00:00Z with an update of all accompanied MIB files from IETF RFCs and improved MIB compiler MIB file update checks based on LAST-UPDATE clause. Fixed update mechanism for Mac DMG package too.

Releas Notes

[2023-07-25] MIB Designer 5.1.0

  • Improved: MIB Designer now prefers newer modules according to the LAST-UPDATED clause of the MODULE-INFO statement if for the same MIB module name there are several MIB files in the compilation list/path. “Compile New…” now prefers SMIv2 modules as newer over SMIv1 modules (without LAST-UPDATED clause) and SMIv1 modules will be overwritten by newly compiled MIB modules.
  • Updated: RFC MIB modules are now updated to 2023-07 and have been restructured in a new structure where the directory “RFCs” contains all MIB files with no errors (for a few MIB modules simple syntax errors have been fixed by AGENTPP) and the directory RFCs-nok contains MIB files wit errors. Only MIB files from the folders agentpp and RFCs have been compiled into the completely rebuilt MIB repository mibrepo-2023-07 which replaces the former mibrepository directory. After an upgrade, you do not need to switch your MIB repository path though, the existing one still works:
  • Fixed: MacOS and other updater processes were closed immediately after spawned by the update wizard because IO (stdout and stderr) was coupled with parent process which is exited to allow update by updater.
  • Updated: OpenJDK included in installer to version 20.0.1.