MIB Designer Release 5.0.0

MIB Designer 5.0.0 is a new major release and introduces an easy to use and reliable in-place update mechanism that is platform independent.
MIB Designer 4.x and AGENT++ -Tool-Suite 4.x users will get a free upgrade to 5.x if they purchased that license June 2018 or later.


  • Fixed: Undo/redo of adding new objects to a MIB module.
  • Added [MDS-32]: Auto-add new objects to a predefined group identified by a sub-string selection.
  • Added [MDS-61]: MIB Designer online software updates through automatic check on application start and via ‘Help->Check for Updates’ menu item.
  • Added [MDS-34]: For new OBJECT-TYPE definitions and for new NOTIFICATION-TYPE definitions, a default object group assignment can be defined based on group name substring patterns in the Defaults section of the Preferences.
  • Added [MDS-40]: Added MIB module statistics (object counts separated by type).
  • Added [MDS-63]: Support paste on leaf (OBJECT-TYPE, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, …) which creates next sibling.You can change this behaviour to replace-selected-node-and-shift-successors by setting the configuration “mibtree.paste.insert.mode=replace”.
  • Added [MDS-33]: Added button in shuffle dialog of the object group editor to add all unassigned objects to the group with one click.
  • Improved [MDS-57]: Search and replace is now able to change object identifiers too.
  • Added [MDS-41]: Native installation file (dmg) for Mac OS-X built with javapackager which includes Oracle JRE 10.0.2. Once the OpenJDK packager in JRE 12 or later is ready to be used we will do so create a OpenJDK based MacOS dmg installation.
  • Changed: Java 9 or later runtime is needed to run MIB Designer 5 or later.
  • Improved: Removed object identifier related fields from textual convention editor.
  • Improved: In table editor clicking on first column does not open the column editor which facilitates moving columns up and down.
  • Improved: Removed (disabled) OID fields from Textual Conventions editor.
  • Changed: Replaced iText 2.1.7 dependency by PdfBox 2.0.4 (Apache 2 License) and PdfBoxLayout 1.0.0 (MIT license).
  • Improved: Columns in the Table editor can now be selected easily by clicking on the first (index) column. Any other column opens the column editor.
  • Updated: Included SNMP4J-CLT to version 3.1.0.
  • Changed: Removed Java WebStart support.