MIB Explorer Pro Release 5.1.0

MIB Explorer Pro 5.1.0 has been releasee 2023-11-06T23:00:00Z to improve usability.

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Set on scalar instance object did not work (it tried to set the object type instead without .0 suffix).
  • Fixed: Search panel tool tips and history button popup now opening again on first click to history button.
  • Fixed: When transposing tables in Table View with a single target rows/columns were hidden (workaround to display them again was to disable filtering).
  • Fixed: MIB Table View committing by row failed to send SET PDU when row contained unset (null) values because row has not defined any default values and they have not been set yet.
  • Fixed: Trap panel displayed wrong tap counts if all traps were deleted using Ctrl-A (select all). In addition, after the deletion the first new trap was rendered as a frozen row in the table.
  • Fixed: TLS preferences about accepted Distinguished Names (DN) newly added rows were displayed with minimal height.
  • Fixed: Display of “Advanced Edit Mode” in Target editors key localisation dialog is now activated permanently if there is no engine ID set for the target.
  • Fixed: Background of Community field in Target editor changed background color on some look&feels when moving focus to other fields.
  • Fixed: Display of version column in Target editor did not display correct version for v3 /USM and /TLS.
  • Fixed: Tooltip and labels of the Log panel priority fields.
  • Fixed: Help display if Internet connection is not available.
  • Fixed: Search on browse panel now finds matches too, that match only on display values, for example, if searching for "ena", now enumerated values like “enabled(1)” will match too.
  • Improved: Search tree starts from first node when using Down button and from last node if Up button is used without any selected node in the tree.
  • Improved: For new rows created in MIB Table View, createAndGo(4) will be set as default RowStatus (if such a column is present in that table).
  • Added: Incremental search popup to MIB Set editor.
  • Added: Apply button in Target editor to immediately save config changes.
  • Updated: OpenJDK included in installer to version 21.0.1.