Multiple trap destinations v1v2 second trap has wrong community name

Hello there,

I have a question if I add multiple trap destinations must the params
* @param name
* unique name for the entries.
* @param tag
* unique tag for the entries.
be unique over all traps or just unique for the target destination?

` NotificationOriginator no;
no.add_v1_trap_destination( IP1, "v1TrapName, “v1Trap”, “public1”);
no.add_v1_trap_destination( IP2, "v1TrapName, “v1Trap”, “public2”);


Because I am seeing some strange behaviour with this code above.

If a trap is send out the trap receiver on IP2 receives the community name from IP1.
If I change the name param to something unique like “v1TrapName1” and “v1TrapName2” I receive the trap twice but with correct community name.

So if I change both name and tag params to something unique I receive the traps as wanted, but I want to make sure if this is the correct approach.

I could not find any example where multiple trap destinations are used for different community names.

Many thanks in advance

Your approach to use unique param tags and names seem to match your goals. It is not required by the standards, but in the description of the SNMP-TARGET-MIB it US clearly specified in what order entries are processed and when a match will fire a trap.

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THX for your clarification