Oid trailing zero

I have got the below OID from the MIB file compiler and i have configured the same in my agent in order to identify and process the snmp trap.
Configured trap OID:

Problem is, when agent receives the trap, OID is having extra zero at the end:
Received trap’s OID:

This causes my agent fail to identify the trap and hence drop the trap.

How do i know whether MIB file compiled had problems or my compiler is having problem to parse and generate the OIDs?


Are you really talking about a notification OID? That should end on *.0.x where x is 1-n.

I would rather guess, that you are talking about an object ID of a scalar object. The OID in the MIB specification must be appended with a instance identifier which is .0 for scalar values.

Thus the MIB compiler is probably correct, but your instrumentation code is not handling the instance sub-identifier correctly. To give you an exact answer, MIB specification and PDU content (i.e. it’s hex-string representation) would be needed.