parse ipv6 address failed

Recently, we found an exception when using SNMP for IPv6 communication.
The exception log is as follows:

WARN [DefaultUDPTransportMapping_fc00:0:0:0:192:168:141:e66/10162][MED][org.snmp4j.log.Log4jLogAdapter 124] [ThreadID=1002][]: ASN.1 parse error: IpAddress encoding error, wrong length: 16

I think class IpAddress can not handle ipV6 address.
We use snmp4j v2.8.3 .


Yes, that is true and conforming to the standard. The SMI Syntax IpAddress does not work for IPv6.
MIB modules need to be updated to use the objects from the TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB.

SNMP entities encoding a IPv6 address in a IpAddress syntax are violating the Basic Encoding Rules (BER) standard for SNMP (all versions).

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