Performance Management XMLs with SNMP

Hi Frank,

Does snmp4j has the capability to read and process 3gpp Performance Management XMLs?

Here is a reference to it.


No, this is not supported and the question would be what to do with that data? Send it? Where? Why?

Thank Frank for your reply.
The XML has a number of different counters (e.g. hrDeviceStatus, ifAdminStatus etc) which are part of four MIBs as a whole IF-MIB, HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB, JUNIPER-MIB.

Now coming to answer your question,

  1. My agent will receive SNMPGET and SNMPWALK requests to fetch the data with a corresponding OID for a specific counter.
  2. The Agent would parse the XML file and fetch counter values and return it.

A counter can be associated with a number of values. A CPU specific counter may have multiple values for a multi core system.

Because the MEAS-COLLECTION XMLs are standard and the counters are coming from standard MIBs, is there any way snmp4j supports this.

Any thoughts on this please?

I think such a feature is out-of-scope for a generic SNMP agent API. From my point of view there is no standard (I.e., vendor independent) mapping between XML element and OID defined, right?

The XML format in discussion here is an internatinal 3gpp standard.

I know, but where is the mapping to the SNMP MIB specification OBJECT-TYPEs defined as standard?