ProxyForwarder configuration

Does anyone know how to setup the ProxyForwarder to forward snmp requests. I understand its included as part of the BaseAgent and is configured via two MIBs.
But what is the sequence to employ the MIBs so that ProxyForwarder actually starts forwarding. Is it simply a matter of populating the MIBs (target and proxy mibs), there is no API to initialize the ProxyForwarder explicitly.
thanks in advance.

You can programmatically modify the MIB contents or use SNMP SET operations. That doesn’t matter.
In both cases, once a consistent configuration is stored in the MIBs and all the RowStatus of the configured rows are active, the proxy-forwarding takes place when matching SNMP requests are received by the agent.

The registration and initialisation of the proxy forwarding in an agent is done by the following method of the AgentConfigManager:

    protected ProxyForwarder createProxyForwarder(CommandProcessor agent) {
            proxyMIB = new SnmpProxyMIB();
            ProxyForwarderImpl pf = new ProxyForwarderImpl(session, proxyMIB, targetMIB);
            agent.addProxyForwarder(pf, null, ProxyForwarder.PROXY_TYPE_ALL);
            return proxyForwarder;

Thanks, We are using the ProxyForwarderImpl from legacy code so can I assume your answer applies to that as well.