Segmentation Fault

Hi frank,

I am running into an issues with a segmentation fault. When executing the line Snmp_pp::v3MP::I->get_usm()->add_usm_user();. We have multiple agents running at the same time in the system so I believe this static pointer is shared throughout the system at the same time. Previously, I tried to fix this by just grabbing the static pointer instance to avoid engineID conflicts. However, I’m still running into a Seg fault.

Is there a suggest way of using multiple instances of v3MP throughout the software in a more safe manner? If this is too vague I’ll try to add some more details on the issue as I discover more about what exactly is going wrong!


Maybe this FAQ helps:

If you do not modify your USM instances while calling Snmp_pp::v3MP::I->get_usm()->add_usm_user(…); there should not be any segmentation violation.

The above statement does not make sense to me, maybe you can explain a bit what you wanted to achieve?

I believe I solved the issue, if the problem ends up rearing its head again I’ll try and be more thorough.