Send Traps and the corresponding clear traps

Hello Frank,

I have a standard requirement of making a trap sending system.
The traps would be send if my log file has lines with few specific tokens. For example if i get a log entry with MONGO_DB_DOWN, I’d send a trap. If I get a log entry with MONGO_DB_UP I’d send a clear trap.

Hence, I need to store/persist the information about whether a trap has been sent. Only then a clear trap can be sent.

Now, my question is, does Snmp4j provides such persistence features for traps? If not then I think, I need to implement it by my own. Some kind of persistence cache or a database etc. Is tht a true assumption?

SNMP4J does not implement any alarm handling (raise/clear/acknowledge…) for notifications, but SNMP4J-Agent implements the NOTIFICATION-LOG-MIB