snmp get with invalid oid, how to detect valid data in the response

I read about 50 oid per pdu with a snmp get.
(SNMP4J 3.1.0)

	response = snmp.send(pdu, target);
    private boolean processResponse_Synchronous(ResponseEvent event) {
            if (event != null) {
                responsePDU = event.getResponse();
                if (responsePDU != null) {
                    if (responsePDU.getErrorStatus() == PDU.noError) {
						for (VariableBinding varBinding : event.getResponse().getVariableBindings()) {

With this code, it’s ok if all oid are valid for the device.
If one or more oid are not valid, I ignore the response.

Is it possible to analyse the response and obtain the value for the valid oid ???
During my test, It seems to me that I can’t find all the valid oid value in the response if one or more oid are not valid.

Hello Lionel,

If you are using SNMPv2c or v3 and the agent is standard conform, then a GET operation should return so called exception syntax for each failed (noSuchInstance, noSuchObject) OID.
With SNMPv1, you will get an error status and probably no value at all.

Hope this helps.