SNMP TLS and Trap flow

More of a generic question regarding SNMP TLS and Trap.
How are traps expected to work in SNMP TLS?
Are traps exchanged over the existing SNMP TLS (TCP based connection oriented session that is used for request/response) or there is a separate channel expected to be established between agent and the client?

Are there any example of traps handling using SNMP4J library?

There is no definition in the standards which or how a transport channel needs to be chosen for sending traps.
Thus, traps can be sent over an existing client-server TCP/TLS connection from client to server and vice versa.

What examples are you looking for? Sending or receiving traps?

Thanks Frank!

I am looking for examples to receive traps using SNMP TLS. Would be very helpful if the examples cover both the options i.e., traps received over existing session and received over a new session (I guess that means we need to create a separate trap listener instance using SNMP TLS)

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