SNMP4J 2.8.12 Release

SNMP4J v2.8.12 has been released 2022-05-11T22:00:00Z to fix handling of half closed TLS 1.3 connections.


[2022-05-09] Version 2.8.12:

  • Fixed: TLS session not closed if inbound is done by TLS 1.3 remote (i.e., because of a TLS version mismatch).

[2022-04-27] Version 2.8.11:

  • Fixed: Possible busy loop on writable key if outAppBuffer is there for a socket entry (= remote address) but contains no data to be sent.
  • Fixed: Concurrent reconnect to use existing connect instead of always replacing it by new connection.
  • Improved: will no longer rethrow RuntimeExceptions and Errors occurring while processing retries to make retry handling resilient against exceptions thrown in ResponseListener.onResponse() implementations.