SNMP4J 3.5.1 Release

SNMP4J 3.5.1 has been released 2021-05-25T22:00:00Z. It introduces a new package org.snmp4j.fluent that provides builder classes following there fluent pattern to ease SNMP configuration and usage. For a full source code example see:


  • Java SE 9 or later

Release Notes

  • Fixed [SFJ-236]: TableUtils could enter endless loop if agent returns rows not within lexicographic order and looping row hits first row in row cache. That could happen only if the agent returns a row again, that was returned already before.
  • Fixed: OctetString.fromString(hexString64,16) return 00 as last byte although the 64 byte long source string has a different value.
  • Fixed [SFJ-238]: Sending a zero size message to DefaultTcpTransportMapping and TLSTM server stops accepting new connections.
  • Fixed: TLS command sending fails with exception when security name is not set.
  • Fixed: NPE on empty security name (TLS incoming).
  • Fixed: Possible IndexOutOfBoundsException in OctetString
  • Changed: Moved serverEnabled flag from DefaultTcpTransportMapping to TcpTransportMapping and made it protected.
  • Improved [SFJ-240]: Moved org.snmp4j.agent.cfg package with engine ID and boots counter persistence to from SNMP4J-Agent to SNMP4J.
  • Improved: Added support in USM, TSM and SNMPv3SecurityModel for multiple agents per Java process.
  • Added [SFJ-237]: Simplify creating Snmp instances, Targets, and PDUs with fluent builder classes in new org.snmp4j.fluent package.
  • Added: DictionaryOIDTextFormat and PDU.get(String …)