SNMP4J-Agent and SNMP4J-Agent-DB 3.3.6 Release


  • SNMP4J 3.4.4
  • Java 9

SNMP4J-Agent Release Notes

  • Fixed SFJ-233: SNMP4J-Agent’s SnmpFrameworkMIB needs USM defined to support localEngineID object
    although this is independently defined.
  • Fixed SFJ-222: Error after changing/using a USM user and then trying to reset all user’s passwords/keys by loading them from persistent storage again (user key is not reset)
  • Enhanced SNMP4J-CONFIG-MIB to support resetting configuration to factory default.
  • Updated dependencies to SNMP4J and maven plugins.

SNMP4J-Agent-DB Release Notes

  • Updated dependency to SNMP4J-Agent 3.3.6 (with SNMP4J 3.4.4).