SNMP4J-Agent Release 3.2.1

SNMP4J-Agent 3.2.1 fixes notification sending using SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB and SNMP-TARGET-MIB in conjunction with SNMP-TLS-TM-MIB.


  • SNMP4J 3.2.0
  • Java SE 9 or later


  • Fixed [SFJ-202]: CertifiedTarget for SNMPv3 TLS notifications not handled in NotificationOriginatorImpl. This includes fixes to the TlsTmMib regarding (D)TLS target resolving as well as fixes to the SNMP4J MessageDispatcher and TransportMappings in order to be able to use a “client mode” transport mapping with a different source port than the “server” mode TLS transport mapping that acts as command responder.
  • Added: TLSv1.3 support for SampleAgent command line parsing and added TLS notification target default configuration.