SNMP4J-AgentDB 3.5.4 Release

SNMP4J-AgentDB 3.5.4 has been released 2021-12-14T23:00:00Z to fix persistent storing and restoring of USM keys.


[2021-12-15] v3.5.4 (Requires SNMP4J-Agent v3.5.4 or later)

  • Improved [AS-26]: Added unit test for use case of resetting configuration to properties based config.
  • Fixed: Error handling when config directory (Xodus DB files) not exists, but agent tries to read
    them (no exception is thrown anymore, but warn log is written).

[2021-12-04] v3.5.3 (Requires SNMP4J-Agent v3.5.3 or later)

  • Fixed [AS-24]: Made sure that authPassword and privPassword hidden columns are null if user is localised. This fixes a regression caused by SFJ-222 that generated wrong keys if users were initially loaded from properties file and localisation key was given.
  • Improved: Suppressed redundant usmUserChange event processing on USM entries created by UsmMIB itself.
  • Changed: Re-enabled secret logging in SampleAgent by default.

[2021-11-23] v3.5.2 (Requires SNMP4J-Agent v3.5.2 or later)

  • Updated dependency to SNMP4J-Agent 3.5.2 (with SNMP4J 3.6.2).

[2021-11-16] v3.5.1 (Requires SNMP4J-Agent v3.5.1 or later)

  • Fixed [AS-23]: USM persistent data using SNMP4J-Agent-DB was not correctly restored for authNoPriv and authPriv users that have been changed using UsmKeyChange method via SNMP (authPriv was only affected if only a single key (auth or priv) was changed. Only DefaultMOTable instances with hidden columns were affected by this bug.
  • Fixed [AS-22]: Provided jar-with-dependencies for easier JAR usage for non-maven builds.
  • Fixed [SFJ-244]: Removed secret information (keys and passwords) from any log output. To reactivate output use SNMP4JSettings.setSecretLoggingEnabled(true).
  • Added: Unit test testing save and restore cycles for primary and hidden columns.
  • Improved: JavaDoc.


  • Java 9 or later
  • SNMP4J 3.6.4
  • SNMP4J-Agent 3.5.4
  • Xodus 1.3.232