SNMP4J-AgentX Release 3.0.0


  • Java 9 or later (due to dependency on SNMP4J 3.x which itself depends on Java 9 for DTLS support)
  • SNMP4J 3.1.0
  • SNMP4J-Agent 3.2.0
  • SNMP4J-Agent-DB 3.2.0 (optional at runtime, if not using sample master/sub-agent)

New Features

  • Implemented SNMP4J-Agent-DB support to allow immediate persistency of MIB objects when the are changed.
  • Improved Java Generics usage to minimise type casting.
  • Java 9 module support.


  • Changed: BufferedMOMutableTableModel and BufferedMOTableModel got a new package
    org.snmp4j.agent.mox for clean Java 9 module support.
  • Added [SFJ-175]: Support Java 9 modules.
  • Added [SFJ-155]: Transactional and immediate ‘on-value-change’ persistency support using SNMP4J-Agent-DB.
  • Fixed [SFJ-169]: Removed log4j dependency because Log4j is no further maintained.
  • Improved: Added AgentConfigManager support for AgentXMasterAgent and SubAgentXConfigManager for
  • Improved: Usage of Java Generics extended and improved.
  • Improved: JavaDoc.
  • Fixed: AgentppTestMib shared table default row growing due restart and reimporting persistent rows.
  • Added: AgentXCommandListener.closeAllSessions(byte reason)
  • Improved: Using now AtomicInteger instead of volatile.