SNMP4J-CLT 3.4.1 Release

SNMP4J-CLT v3.4.1 has been released 2022-03-21T23:00:00Z that introduces a new feature: SMI to XML conversion. In addition, TLS and other fixes from SNMP4J 3.6.6 are included.


  • Added: xml command to dump MIB modules to an output directory in XML format.
  • Added: TLS contextEngineID discovery cache to avoid rediscovery of context engine IDs for an address using RFC 5343 mechanism as long as the TLS connection to that address remains open.
  • Improved: TLS handshaking “key is writable” looping when waiting for agent handshake response is now suppressed.
  • Fixed [SFJ-245]: Possible Deadlock in Snmp.PendingRequest.resendRequest on behalf of (D)TLS context engine ID discovery.
  • Fixed: Concurrent modification Exception when iterating over results of walk when agent returns
    noSuchName error status on SNMPv1 request.
  • Improved: Invalid as signed encoded 9 byte 64bit unsigned integer 64bit values will not be decoded by
    BER.decodeUnsignedInt64 anymore. Instead, invalid length exception is thrown.
  • Fixed: Possible busy looping for ready read and write keys in TLSTM caused by half-closed TLS connections and Java runtimes that report NEED_WRAP status from SSLEngine instead of FINISHED after processing CLOSED TLS warnings (i.e., after half-closing the connection).
  • Fixed: Possible write key busy looping in TLSTM caused when NEED_TASK is returned by SSLEngine.wrap on writing a queued message.
  • Fixed: Bug in which caused DTLSTM handshake not to finish within timeout causing connect to fail or to be slow.