SNMP4J Release 3.7.1

SNMP4J 3.7.1 has been released 2022-09-19T22:00:00Z to fix expired certificates in unit Tests and a bug when reopening connection oriented (TCP/TLS) transport mappings.


  • Fixed: Closed TLS/TCP/Unix transport mappings could prevent AbstractTransportServerThread.processPending to send any response message to newly created connections.
  • Fixed: UnixDomainAddress parsing failed in GenericAddress due to wrong class name lookup.
  • Fixed: Updated (D)TLS unit test certificates.
  • Added: TransportMappings.registerTransportMapping and .unregisterTransportMapping to manually register and unregister TransportMappings to the TransportMappings singleton, for to easily extending SNMP4J with your own TransportMapping instances.
  • Added: GenericAddress.newLocalAddress(String transportDomainPrefix) method has been added to create easily new local addresses from an address type string.