SNMP4J return different result with Net-SNMP

I find that with Net-SNMP, I can get the normal ifPhysAddress result .But when I use SNMP4J,I get some wrong result.How to fix it ?
The Net-SNMP result:
The snmp4j result:

the OctetString::toString() function (which is most likely used to produce the output) does not know that the string value is of a textual convention PhysAddress. It just looks at the value and decides if the value has to be just returned as unmodified String, or if it should be returned as a hex string.
In the image, the first address has a 0x08 which is not printable and so it is returned as hex string. For the second address I would assume that the last byte is 0x20 (space), as we can only see 5 printable characters.


Can I set the raw format string in get-table method?I only want the raw format string.

In fact, 34:6b:5b:25:41:5f return 4k[%Ea in SNMP4J and return 34:6b:5b:25:41:5f in NET-SNMP. Can you show me which string is not printable?

Both values are the same. One is the string value and the other it’s hex-encoded representation. That‘s all. In SNMP4J you can retrieve both representations. See the Java Doc of the OctetString class.

Can you expain why SNMP4J sometimes return hex-encoded representation,and sometimes return string.Did the reason is what @ jkatz say above?

If you call for example the TableEvent::toString() function, it will in the end use OctetString::toString(). Please have a look at the implementation of this function, then you will see .

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