Snmp4j returns 2 TableEvents for the same ifIndex


We are using snmp4j-1.11.jar and observe that snmp4j intermittently returns 2 TableEvents for the same ifIndex , 1 TableEvent for ifEntry values and another for ifXEntry. This is on a Cisco IOS XR virtual device. The device doesn’t seem to return the values twice but the output from snmp4j contains 2 TableEvents. The issue happens for a specific index all the time. All the other indices have one TableEvent returned for both ifEntry and ifXEntry.

Can someone help.


Please upgrade to SNMP4J 2.8.2. That version (and its 2.x predecessors) contain 7 fixes for TableUtils. On fix of those (in combination with the others) might solve your issue (if it is not caused by the agent).

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