SNMPV3 Scoped PDU for SETs.

I have a quick question about constructing a Scoped PDU a V3 SET.

I have to send an INT32 - 0 to a specific OID to “unlock” it before I can do GETs.

    //Create Scoped PDU SET
    ScopedPDU scopedpduSET = new ScopedPDU();
    scopedpduSET.add(new VariableBinding(new OID(""), new Integer32(0)));

Is this the correct way to do the VariableBinding for a V3 SET?

Any examples would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


You do not need to (should not) set max-repetitions and non-repeaters - those values are special for GETBULK request and should not be used for other PDU types.

Everything else is OK for the PDU creation.