Spring Integration with SNMP4J

Hi Frank

Thanks for this amazing product that you built. I have used this extensively lately

  • Implemented agent
  • Sub-agent
  • Sending Traps
  • Implemented logging with Slf4j
  • ProxyForwarding etc

Several of my queries were answered by you, thanks for that as well.

My language is java and given that the popularity and indispensability of Spring, don’t you think you should think of having Spring integration of your product?

I tried to integrate AOP but couldn’t do it. I needed AOP for logging purposes.


Hi Anirban,

I am not getting the point here:

  • What problems did you encounter?
  • What should be changed in your opinion?

Best regards,

I was trying to create a snmp spring boot application. I was trying to implement AOP for logging purposes. But the AOP didn’t work. SO I had to make the snmp4j part of code as non-spring objects.