Supperted security and authentication protocols

What are the security protocols natively supported by agnet++/snmp++
surely DES and MD5.

Are also SHA-1 and AES supported or support should be custom built?

Is there a way to tell agenpro what protocols are to be made available?


you can see the list of all supported protocols in the header usm_v3.h.
MD5, SHA1, DES and AES128 are supported. There are also some non standard protocols like 3DES and several SHA and AES versions.

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Should I add dependencies to enable them (like openssl, libdes, …)?

With libdes, the AES protocols will not be available, so I would suggest the openssl. You can find the details in README.v3.

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In AgenPro, the main program is not (yet) generated by the templates. Setting up the security has to be done in the main program, for example by using customised “agent.cpp” files from the sample/agenpro directory of AGENT++ distribution.

The authentication and privacy setup is done in the main program and is idenpendent from the generated instrumentation code.