Support for MIB-II Groups IP, ICMP and IPv6

I am working on an SNMP agent using Agent++. There are a few groups in the MIB-II that I need to support in my SNMP Agent that I am unable to find supporting Agent++ code/classes for.

The OIDs for the subtrees are as follows:
- - IP
- - ICMP
- - IPv6MIB

Is there somewhere I can go to get the Agent++ code supporting these MIB subtrees?

If not, is there a way that I can generate them? Can I accomplish this on an evaluation license of AgentPro or do I need to purchase an AgentPro user license?

I was hoping that since these are not custom MIBs that there might be an Agent++ definition for them out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lincoln,

First, please note that MIB-II is obsolete and has been replaced by several new RFCs with dedicated MIB modules. In any case, such hardware specific MIB modules are not covered by AGENT++.

You need to implement them your self. Of course, you can use AgenPro, but please do not use any code generated with a evaluation license for production. That would violate the license agreement and is of course against the idea of an evaluation.

Hope this answer helps anyway - somehow.

Best regards,